DACOWITS September 2019 Committee Meeting

Women's Retention (RFI 1)

Status of Gender Integrated Marine Corps’ Recruit Training (RFI 2)

Women on Ships – Navy’s Career Management System (RFI 3)

Women on Ships – Navy’s Minemen Rating (RFI 4)

Military Services' Gender Integration Updates (RFI 5)

Military Services’ Maternity Uniform Updates (RFI 6)

Domestic Abuse / Domestic Violence Affecting Servicewomen (RFI 7)

DoD Family Advocacy Program ~ Addressing Domestic Abuse (RFI 8)

Domestic Abuse / Domestic Violence Affecting Servicewomen (RFI 9)

Child Care Resources (RFI 10)

Child Care Resources (RFI 11)

Public Comments:None provided for the September 2019 business meeting.

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