DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 2001


Reasons for Separation of Women: DACOWITS recommends that the Office of the Secretary of Defense establish a process to determine the reasons that women depart from active duty (enlisted and officer) that differ from the reasons men depart, and report back to DACOWITS at the 2002 Spring Conference.Further, DACOWITS recommends that the Services use the data obtained to develop policy initiatives that encourage retention of qualified women in the military.

Diversity Initiatives: DACOWITS recommends that Army National Guard and Air National Guard units adopt and implement diversity programs modeled on the National Guard Bureau's Diversity Initiatives Program.

DACOWITS also recommends that all five Services and components study the best practices included in the National Guard Bureau's programs as models for their own diversity initiatives.

Temporary Separation & Transfers from Active Duty: DACOWITS recommends that the Office of the Secretary of Defense explore options for facilitating temporary separation from active duty and/or ease of transfer of individuals between active and reserve components. DACOWITS further recommends that this option be designed to increase retention and accommodate personal and family needs for extended time away from duty.  The U.S. Coast Guard program authorizing Temporary Separation from the Service could be a model for such programs.

Shipboard Experience: DACOWITS recommends that the U.S. Navy continue to pursue additional innovative methods to create opportunities for senior enlisted women to obtain shipboard experience and warfare qualifications.

Comprehensive Gynecological Care: DACOWITS recommends to the Services that military women have comprehensive gynecological exams to include screening tests, as recommended by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines.

Child Care: DACOWITS was briefed by the Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy) on efforts to increase child care availability for military personnel. DACOWITS fully supports the Services' efforts and recommends continuation of strategies and plans being implemented. Specific topics of concern to DACOWITS include:

  1. Expanding child-care hours.
  2. Increasing number of facilities.
  3. Improving provider compensation and benefits.
  4. Developing programs to meet the DoD goal to provide, at a minimum, 65 percent of the child care demand by FY 2003.

Chair: Ms. Vickie L. McCall