DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1995


DACOWITS recommends that the basic process of uniform design and procurement be reviewed by an impartial task force.The study should address the possibility of re-engineering or privatizing the entire current process in order to make it responsive, efficient and cost effective to both Department of Defense and military personnel.The review should examine all alternatives, including the possibility of a totally new design and procurement system.

2.Child Care
DACOWITS recommends that priority be placed on allocating a significant portion of Department of Defense quality of life dollars (FYDP) to increase affordable child care capacity and youth services including, but not limited to, facilities, staff, out sourcing/privatization, innovative programs, more home care, and almost well care.

3.Youth Programs
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense identify youth concerns and respond by initiating and developing support programs for children 6 to 18 years of age.

Gender Integrated Basic Training

DACOWITS commends the Department of the Army for implementing gender integrated basic training as a permanent policy.This implementation provides a strong indication of the recognition of equity in training and development.This decision is also another statement of support for the recognition of all women as important participants in areas of professional growth and advancement.

Chair: Ms. Sue Tempero