DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1994


1. Implementation of Sexual Harassment Guidelines
DACOWITS recommends the Services and Service Academies strictly enforce a zero tolerance policy of sexual harassment. Additionally, they should regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their enforcement process, andprovide specialized training for the chain of command and those who process complaints. Finally, a system for continuous improvement should be implemented.

2. Senior Level Involvement in Case Resolution
DACOWITS recommends that the senior military leadership of all Services be cognizant and involved in the resolution of cases of sexual harassment that involve issues of failure of chain of command, retribution, retaliation, undue delay, and career interference.

3. Air Force Child Care Policy
DACOWITS recommends that the Air Force abolish its policy that prohibits subsidies for family child care providers, and that it takes the necessary measures to authorize such subsidies.

4. Child Care
DACOWITS recommends that the Services seek additional funding from Congress for family child care subsidies. DACOWITS also recommends that DoD provides base commanders greater flexibility in the use of both non-appropriated funds and funds generated from Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) activities for child care services to military personnel.

5. Opening Combat Aircraft to Women
DACOWITS reaffirms and further emphasizes its Recommendationsthat the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force open all combat aircraft assignments to women, including Army Air Cavalry Regiments and Special Operations.

6. Women in Army Field Artillery
DACOWITS recommends that the Secretary of the Army keep field artillery open to women and expandopportunities by opening Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS). DACOWITS reaffirms and emphasizes its Recommendationsthat the Secretary of Defense open MLRS to women.

7. Changes in Assignment Policy

As the Department of Defense defines exceptions to the general policy of opening assignments to women (e.g., direct combat on the ground, physical requirements, privacy arrangements), DACOWITS recommendsthat great care be taken to ensure no positions or skills previously or currently open to women be closed.

8. Command Opportunities in Medical Facilities
DACOWITS recommends the Army opens to the Army Nurse Corps and other AMEDD officers' opportunities for career-enhancing assignments, including command of medical facilities and units involved in the delivery of health care.

9. Women in Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCB)
DACOWITS requests the Secretary of Defense authorize the immediate assignment of women to Naval Mobile Construction Battalions(NMCB). The NMCB was recommended by the DoD Task Force on Women in the Military in 1988.

10. Marine Security
DACOWITS recommends the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the State Department, supports the Marine Corps efforts to open Security Guard posts now closed to women based upon facility's limitations.

11. Pathfinder Training
DACOWITS recommends the Army provides women soldiers with the opportunity to enter unfilled Pathfinder training seats on the same basis as men.

12. Transition Plan for General Unrestricted Line
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of the Navy ensure that the transition plan for the General Unrestricted Line include all levels from ensign to flag. Incumbent officers must be assured parity of promotion and assignment opportunities. DACOWITS also recommends that this career field be protected as a viable career path for women and men in the future.


DACOWITS recognizes that diversity and cultural sensitivity are essential components to military readiness and military success. The Committee supports Services' initiatives to create environments that allow women to realize their full potential.

Secretary of Defense Equal Opportunity Employment Commitment

DACOWITS agrees with the Secretary of Defense that our country's security and prosperity depend on our ability to develop and employ the talents of our diverse population. DACOWITS commends the Secretary of Defense for his memorandum of March 3, 1994, Subject: Equal Opportunity. It is a strongly stated commitment and five-point program to eliminate discrimination and harassment and, request a vigorous sustained effort to improve the flow of minority and female officers from recruitment through general and flag officer ranks. The measures clearly outlined leave no doubt that this is a critical issue to the Secretary and one that deserves priority attention throughout the military.

Opening Navy Vessels to Women

Pursuant to the repeal of Title 10, U. S. C. 6015 (U.S. NAVY), DACOWITS commends the U.S. Navy for providing additional opportunities under current law by opening more classes of ships and numbered fleet staff as well as maritime patrol aircraft to women. Moreover, DACOWITS commends the U.S. Navy for its proactive approach to education and training for these assignments.

Ceremonial Units

DACOWITS commends the Department of the Army for reopening the Washington "Old Guard," ceremonial unit to women and believes that the Army's efforts to provide openings for women to serve in this area will meet with success. This decision will strengthen the importance of this unit to American men and women and increase the pride with which these dedicated Americans serve.

Chair: Ms. Wilma D. Powell