DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1993


1. Opening Combat Aircraft to Women
DACOWITS recommends the Secretary of Defense direct the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps to open combat aviation to women immediately.

2. Opening Navy Vessels to Women
DACOWITS recommends the Secretary of Defense support repeal of Title l0, U. S. C. 6015 (U. S. Navy), the Combat Exclusion Statute. Pending repeal of the law, DACOWITS supports the Chief of Naval Operations' (CNO) proposal to immediately open more classes of ships and numbered fleet staffs as well as maritime patrol aircraft to women.

3. Women in Army -Field Artillery
DACOWITS recommends the Secretary of the Army keep field artillery open to women and expand opportunities by opening Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS).

4. Command Opportunities in Medical Facilities
DACOWITS recommends the Army opens to the Army Nurse Corps and other AMEDD officers opportunities for career-enhancing assignments, including command of Medical facilities and units involved in delivery of health care.

5. Army Ceremonial Units
DACOWITS recommends the Chief of Staff of the Army fully integrate women into all Army ceremonial units, and, in particular, in the Military District of Washington, to include the Tomb of the Unknowns, the Continental Color Guard, and the U. S. Army Drill Team.


DACOWITS commends the Department of the Navy for establishing the Standing Committee on Military and Civilian Women and for the thoroughness and comprehensiveness of the Standing Committee's approach to women's issues. The 80 initiatives identified by the Standing Committee and the progress made implementing those initiatives reflect the Service's determination to improve the climate and opportunities provided to Navy women.

Chair: Ms. Ellen P. Murdoch