DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1992


1. Opening Aircrew positions to women
DACOWITS recommends the Secretary of Defense establish a gender neutral assignment policy in military aviation for all Services.

2. Repeal of combat exclusion statutes
DACOWITS recommends the Secretary of Defense support repeal of Title l0, U. S. C. 6015 (U. S. Navy), the Combat Exclusion Statute.

3. Women in Army Field Artillery
DACOWITS recommends the Secretary of the Army keep field artillery open to women and expand opportunities by opening Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS).


As the Presidential Commission on the assignment of women in the military begins its deliberations, the DACOWITS affirms its support for continued expansion of opportunities for women to serve.

Many of the issues which the Commission will study are issues which DACOWITS has considered for more than 40 years. In l99l alone, DACOWITS members made formal visits to 75 military installations. Our Recommendationsare founded on our observations and discussions with Service personnel throughout the Armed Forces.

The DACOWITS recognizes and applauds the contributions made by women in the military to our nation's defense. Women have assumed greater responsibility and have demonstrated their ability in increasingly demanding roles. This evolution has been a positive contribution to defense readiness.

Chair: Jean Appleby Jackson