DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1987


1. Utilization of Women in Air Force aircraft
DACOWITS recommends that the Air Force consider opening RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) billets for women.

2. Flag Billets for Nurse Corps and Medical Nurse Corps in the Naval Reserve
DACOWITS recommends that the legislative proposal requesting two additional flag billets for the Nurse Corps and Medical Service in the Naval Reserve be re-initiated.

3. Navy Surface Program to upgrade readiness (SPUR) plan
DACOWITS recommends that the Naval Reserve give consideration to full utilization of General Unrestricted Line (GURL) Training and Administration of Reserves (TARS) in the development of the SPUR plan and any resulting reorganization.

4. Uniforms
DACOWITS recommends that there be continued dedication of efforts to improve the quality and fit of uniforms and footwear for women in the Services and further recommends that the commanders of each installation forward all uniform complaints to the appropriate authorities.

5. Perceptions, attitudes and behavior affecting women in the services
DACOWITS recommends that the DoD Council on Equal Opportunity include in its review how sex discrimination, manifested in non-stereotypical ways, is a problem of magnitude for military women. The Committee also asks that the Council suggest ways in which the leadership in the Services could sensitize their subordinates to these and other demoralizing forms of sex discrimination.

Chair: Dr. Jacquelyn K. Davis