DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1986


1. Navy Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) policy
DACOWITS recommends that this policy continue to be given visibility in the fleet and that existing institutional reporting systems be used periodically to evaluate its effectiveness. The DACOWITS recommends that the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations continue to review the TAD assignments for women to combatants. The DACOWITS appreciates the Navy briefing on TAD assignments for women to combatants.

2. Promotions of Women in the Air National Guard (ANG)
DACOWITS recommends that the Chief, National Guard Bureau, consider issuing a letter to the State Adjutants General highlighting his interest in and support for the full participation and utilization of women in the ANG. The DACOWITS suggests that the letter address:

a. The commissioning of women from the enlisted ranks

b. The identification of women officers and enlisted personnel for higher level assignments.

c. Rates of promotion comparable to that of their male counterparts.

3. Sexual Harassment
DACOWITS understands that the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs) has developed a survey dealing with Reserve issues, to include family issues, to be administered to Reserve Component personnel. Should there be a subsequent issue of the survey, the DACOWITS requests that it include the DoD definition of, and survey questions relating to, sexual harassment.

4. Family Quarters Child Care
DACOWITS recommends that the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard actively pursue the establishment of family quarters child care programs. The DACOWITS requests a written update on the programs relative to this recommendation at the 1986 FALL Meeting.

5. Perceptions, Attitudes and Behavior affecting Women in the Services
DACOWITS recommends that the DoD Council on Equal Opportunity assess how best to affect training of those individuals in leadership and supervisory positions in order to heighten awareness and to enhance positive perceptions of women in the military.

Chair:Dr. Jacquelyn K. Davis