DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1985


1. Assignment of Women
DACOWITS recommends that DoD and the Services re-examine their policies and practices in regard to the classification, assignment, and deployment ability of military women in order to enhance readiness and avoid inconsistencies within and between the Services. The DACOWITS recognizes there are differences among the Services with respect to certain specific mission assignments.

2. High Technology Careers
DACOWITS recommends that the Service Secretaries, particularly the Air Force and the Navy, develop a positive plan to enhance the career opportunities of military women. Such enhancement should include opportunities, and assignments to specialties which qualify them for service in the high technology areas. (i.e.: The Naval Space Command, the Air Force Space Programs the Strategic Defense Initiative, etc.).

3. Policy Positions
DACOWITS understands that the Active Forces and the National Guard Bureau all have specific personnel assigned to monitor women in their forces. The DACOWITS suggests that the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Reserve Chiefs consider a similar approach.

4. Temporary Additional Duty Policy for Surface Warfare Officers and Enlisted Personnel
DACOWITS continues to emphasize the need for the chain of command to support the opportunity forprospective women Surface Warfare Officers (SWOs) and others, including enlisted women, to gain operational experience through the use of the Navy Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) policy.

5. General URL Study
DACOWITS recommends that the Commanding Officers and the Chain of Command of General URL officers be briefed and/or receive specific information on the results of the study in order to provide meaningful counsel to these officers.

Chair: Ms. Constance B. Newman