DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Fall Conference 1985


1. Army National Guard (ARNG) Enlisted Female Strength
DACOWITS recommends that the Army National Guard give consideration to increasing the projected enlisted female authorized strength in order to reflect a percentage higher than two (2) percent over the next six years.

2. Marine Security Guards (MSG)
In response to the DACOWITS SPRING 1985 Recommendation #1, the Marine Corps provided a rationale for the exclusion of women Marine from duty as Marine Security Guards. It is recommended that the Marine Corps re-examine this policy.

3. Emphasis on Family Quarters/Child Care
DACOWITS recommends that the Service Secretaries and Major Commanders insure the development of family quarters child care by encouraging regulations which will provide a mechanism for supervision, while not being so restrictive as to preclude a successful program

4. Air National Guard (ANG) promotions for Women
DACOWITS recommends that the ANG consider developing a program of information similar to that of the Army National Guard (ARNG) for state ANG Commanders and personnel staff officers on promotion issues which affect women, and that such information be made available to unit vacancy promotion and/or federal recognition board members as appropriate. The DACOWITS requests a written report on the disposition of this recommendation at theSPRING 1986 meeting.

5. Joint Domicile Policy
DACOWITS requests the service Secretaries place a priority on the effective communication of joint domicile policies and procedures to ensure people in the field more fully understand the process thus enhancing morale.

Chair: Ms. Constance B. Newman