DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Fall Conference 1984


1. Expansion of the Role Of Women
DACOWITS recommends the continued expansion of the role of military women by OSD and the Serviceswithin existing statutory and regulatory restrictions.

2. Crew Configuration in MinuteMan/Peacekeeper Missile Units
DACOWITS recommends that the Air Force provide for the full utilization of women in its Missile Force.

3. Plans and Policy for Women in the Military Review Group
DACOWITS recommends the ASD (MI&L) for the establishment of the Plans and Policy for Women in theMilitary Review Group to serve as an on-going vehicle for the evaluation and discussion of women's policy issues and would appreciate periodic briefings. The DACOWITS recommends OSD evaluate thefollowing areas:

a. To what extent will the demography of the next ten years affect the ability/need of the Services to access and utilize women.

b. Are there real or perceived institutional barriers which prevent women from being fully utilized in the services and how can they be eliminated?

DACOWITS recommends that the OSD study the following items:

a. The amendment of 10 USC Sec 6015 so that it is consistent with the provisions of 10 USC Sec 8549 which excepts certain job specialists from the restrictions of the statute which otherwise apply.

b. The amendment of 10 USC Sec 6015 to permit women to serve on combat support ships, such asMLSF (Mobile Logistic Support Force) which are not included in the current listing of Naval noncombatant vessels.

c. The amendment of 10 USC Sec 6015 to permit women to be transported to combat theaters by ship if they otherwise would be transported by air under the provisions of existing law.

In view of the formation of the Policy and Plans Review Group for Military, Women by the ASD (MI&L) this may be an appropriate forum within DoD to initiate the study. We request a briefing at the SPRING 1985 Meeting on the progress made in the examination of these issues.

5. Military and Civilian Women in Key Positions
DACOWITS recommends that the Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of the Military Departments, as well as the senior military leadership, identify the military and civilian positions, in OSD and in theServices, which can be key in formulating policy and making decisions affecting the careers, utilization, and promotion opportunities of military, women. The DACOWITS recognizes the difficulties that can be encountered in identifying qualified women and offers its services to assist in that regard. With respect to key military positions, the DACOWITS requests a listing of the duty assignments of all line female 0-6 and general/flag officers at its SPRING and FALL Meetings so that it can be aware of the progress being made in the assignment of women to these key positions, where policy and decisions are mostly affecting military women's careers.

6. OB/GYN Care
DACOWITS accepts the responses of all Services that priority systems are in effect for active duty militarywomen for OB/GYN care. However, the need for OB/GYN services could exceed the available number ofcredential medical care providers. The DACOWITS recommends each Service ensure timely OB/GYNcare be provided to all military women either through an increase in available providers or throughalternative methods (i.e. supplemental care, contract services). When alternative methods are used, the procedures for obtaining the services must be clearly defined and publicized by the command. For the SPRING 1985 DACOWITS Meeting, the DACOWITS requests the Services provide information regardingthe above Recommendations.

7. Quarters Allowance for Single Personnel and Service Couples
DACOWITS urges that the Department of Defense include the repeal of the provisions in the current statute that terminates the quarters allowance for single personnel and service couples who are on temporary duty for more than 90 days in its legislative contingency submission to the Congress for Fiscal Year 1986.

8. Standardized Survey
DACOWITS recommends that a standardized survey instrument be prepared and administered to all service members six months prior to eligibility for reenlistment. This instrument should be designed to elicit the reasons for intent to separate or reenlist. It is further recommended that an annual analysis of these surveys be prepared and distributed to the DACOWITS FALL Meeting each year.

9. Uniform Initiatives
DACOWITS recommends that the officers of the Services responsible for uniform initiatives make every, effort to incorporate state of the art computer technology in the design of uniforms and equipment for women, for instance, a boot designed to fit the female foot.

10. March 1984 Rand Study
After reviewing a working draft of the March 1984 RAND study, Women in Non-Traditional Occupations: Choice and Turnover; the DACOWITS recommends that copies of the study be forwarded to the Services for their use in planning accession and reclassification actions.

Chair: Ms. Anne L. Schulze