DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1983


1. Repeal of the Statutory Combat Restrictions
DACOWITS again strongly urges the Department of Defense and the Commandant, U. S. Coast Guard toseek actively the repeal of 10 U. S. C. Sec. 6015 and 10 U. S. C. Sec. 8549.

2. Combat Restrictions
DACOWITS strongly urges each Service in the DoD to re-examine the limits imposed by law andregulation as to "Combat Restrictions" or "Combat Exclusion," with a view toward establishing a narrowinterpretation of restrictions and thus broadening the opportunity for women (particularly with respect tounit and occupational specialty assignments).

3. Secretary of the Army Blue Ribbon Panel
DACOWITS recommends that the Secretary of the Army establish a Blue Ribbon Panel, reporting to theSecretary, headed by a retired OPMD category woman general officer and composed of active duty/retired Army Officers and non-commissioned officers (with a predominance of women members). This panel isto: (1) survey the issues raised by the DACOWITS concerns over the Women in the Army Policy ReviewGroup and (2) oversee the validation of the Review and related studies.

4. Career Opportunities
DACOWITS appreciates the Marine Corps' request for input in its current study and recommends that itsExecutive Committee be advised when any of the Uniformed Services initiates a study that offers the potential of impacting career opportunities for women in the Services.

5. Marine Corps Restructuring
DACOWITS recommends that, during the current restructuring of the Marine Corps, efforts be made toavoid the negative impacts that such a restructuring could have on the utilization of Women Marines.These efforts should include at least the following:

a. Full participation by Senior Women Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers.

b. The regular dissemination of accurate information to the field.

c. Careful validation of any methodologies used.

d. The delay of changes until the study has been reviewed independently.Regular briefings should be given to DACOWITS. The first of these should be at the 1993 FALL Meeting.

6. Crew Configuration in Peacekeeper Missiles Units
DACOWITS recommends that the Air Force provide for the utilization of women as it develops plans for the crew configuration of the Peacekeeper Missile System.

7. Off Duty Networks
DACOWITS recommends that all Services execute instructions that encourage or continue support of off duty networking by military women.

8. Communications and Morale
DACOWITS recommends that articles containing the kinds of information it receives at its briefings on data showing the positive performance women in the Military Services be disseminated in command information channels.

9. Child Care
DACOWITS recommends all Military Services continue to expand their efforts to accommodate military members with child care responsibilities.

10. Readiness and the Utilization of Women in the Reserves and National Guard
DACOWITS recommends that each Service continue to analyze policy implications for Reserve and Guard components.

Chair: Dr. Mary Evelyn Blagg Huey