DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1981


1. Utilization of Women
In keeping with the DACOWITS responsibility to advise effectively the Secretary of Defense on time sensitive issues concerning women in the military, DACOWITS urgently recommends the following.

a. That a DACOWITS member be invited to participate in an advisory capacity on the "Women in the Army Policy Review Group".

b. That DACOWITS participate in an advisory capacity on the DoD Task Force on the utilization of Military Women. Specifically, DACOWITS should be kept current on the study's design, on current and projected studies related to that effort, and on potential or projected policy changes that result from it.

c. That DACOWITS be kept informed on current and projected studies by the other Services (Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard) that relate to possible major policy changes concerning the utilization of women.

d. That DACOWITS comments and Recommendations be specifically included in any Recommendationsmade to the Secretary of Defense as a result of the on-going DoD study of similar Service studies on the utilization of women.

2. Economic Equity Act
Inasmuch as the "Economic Equity Act" (H. R. 3117 and S. 888) has been introduced in Congress, DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense and Transportation take the following action in regard to title III of the Act, regarding the Armed Forces:

a. Strongly support Title III, as being in the interest of equity for women in the Armed Forces;

b. Provide the DACOWITS with information in the report proposed in section 302 of the Act, without waiting for enactment of the Act;

c. Recommend the amendment of section 302 to include a comparable report from the Secretary of Transportation to include the Coast Guard.

3. Service Academy Attitudinal Studies
DACOWITS thanks the Services for their responses to Recommendation #6 of the FALL 1980 Meeting, and recommends that the Service Academies continue to conduct attitudinal studies of male/female cadets and midshipmen, and provide DACOWITS with the test instruments and results of these studies.

4. Admission Standards
DACOWITS recommends that the FALL 1980 Recommendation # 7 regarding Admission Standards to Military Service and its response be returned to OSD for review by DASD(EO) to determine its conformance with OSD policies and regulations regarding equality of treatment, employment and opportunity.

5. Sexual Harassment policy Statement
DACOWITS agrees with the proposed DoD policy statement on Sexual Harassment and continues to urge the quickest possible publication of the policy statement. The final statement should contain:

a. Definition and prohibition of sexual harassment;

b. Provision for the establishment of training programs and procedures for reporting violations;

c. Provision for disciplinary measures for violations of that policy;

d. Provision for a monitoring system of reporting incidents of sexual harassment

6. Task Force on Sex Discrimination
DACOWITS urges the DoD to review the findings of the Task Force on Sex Discrimination, Department of Justice, and to implement those Recommendations affecting the Services, where appropriate.

7. Enlisted Personnel Representation to DACOWITS
DACOWITS recommends that each Service appoint one enlisted woman to participate in all future DACOWITS meetings as an additional military representative.

8. Histories of Women in the Services
DACOWITS recommends that the Services continue to record and document the role of women in the military, in accordance with the tradition established by the pioneering work of Mattie Treadwell. DACOWITS further encourages the inclusion of films and photographs as part of such documentation.

9. Academy Admission Policy
DACOWITS recommends that the Secretaries of Defense and Transportation express their opposition to any legislative initiatives to change the current policy of admitting both male and female candidates to the Academies.

10. Letter of Commendation
DACOWITS recommends that the DACOWITS Chair send a letter to the Secretary of the Army through the Secretary of Defense, commending the Army for its outstanding treatment of the subject of sexual harassment in the February-March 1981 issue of Commanders' Call.

11. Repeal of the Combat Restrictions
DACOWITS wishes to reiterate its position urging the Departments of Defense and Transportation to seek repeal of 10 U.S.C. 6015 and 8549. Repeal of these statutes is all the more urgent now in light of the passage of the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA), which provides for integrated selection boards for men and women; however, full equality for women continues to be significantly inhibited by the combat exclusions.

Chair: Dr. Gloria D. Scott