DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Fall Conference 1981


1. Morale of Military Women
The concern of DACOWITS about the morale of women in the military has deepened since our discussion of this in Recommendation #l of the SPRING Meeting. In keeping with its role to advise the Secretary of Defense effectively, the DACOWITS recommends that the DoD and Military Services give serious and comprehensive thought to this issue and provide succinct comments on current and future remedial actions.

2. OSD Background Review on Women in the Military
The OSD Background Review on Women in the Military (October l981) appears to be a good faith study. However, for the second edition, DACOWITS forwards the following Recommendations to OSD:

a. The inclusion of the birder's statement that women are doing a good job.

b. Supplementation of missing data and correction of inconsistencies in data.

c. Indication of the use of the information in influencing changes.

d. Separate reporting of pregnancy data

e. An additional report relative to women officers.

3. Repeal of 10 U. S. C. 6015 and 8549
DACOWITS wishes to reiterate its position urging the Department of Defense and Transportation to seek repeal of 10 U. S. C. 6015 and 8549. Repeal to these statutes is all the more urgent now in light of the passage of the Department Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA), which provides for integrated selection boards for men and women; however, full equality for women continues to be significantly inhibited by this legislation.

Chair: Dr. Gloria D. Scott