DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1980


1. Sexual Harassment

DACOWITS requests that the Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, and Uniformed Services (if they have not already done so) take the following action in regard to the Sexual Harassment of Military Personnel:

a. That, not withstanding the impending Department of Defense definition of sexual harassment, theyimmediately and clearly communicate that sexual harassment is impermissible behavior;

b. That they publish specific policy guidelines as soon as possible in regard to sexual harassmentinvolving military personnel;

c. That they insure the existence of an effective monitoring and analysis system to quantify the frequency and severity of sexual harassment in the military.

2. Repeal of Title 10, U. S. C. Sections 6015 and 8549
That the Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of each of the military departments, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Service Chiefs, particularly the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and the Secretary of the Department of Transportation attach the highest priority to efforts to repeal 10 U. S. C. SS 6015 and 8549, including communicating to the Congress the need to eliminate these barriers to the full utilization and equal opportunities for women in the military. DACOWITS further requests it be kept informed of progress and be advised of how it may best support the service initiatives.

3. Legislation to Eliminate Sex Discrimination in Title 10 U. S. C. - Navy and Marine Corps
In its response to Recommendation #2 (to DACOWITS SPRING & FALL Meeting 1979), the Department of the Navy indicated that, without waiting for passage of the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA), it would submit to the Department of Defense by September 1, 1979, proposed legislation to change all portions of Title 10 of the U. S. Code which provide for differentiation of treatment between men and women. As of the DACOWITS SPRING Meeting in April 1980, no such proposed legislation has been submitted to DoD. The Department of the Navy is urged to give priority to drafting this legislation so that the Department of Defense may present it to this Congress.

4. Legislation to Eliminate Sex Discrimination in Title 10 U. S. C - Air Force
DACOWITS Recommendation #3 (SPRING Meeting, and FALL Meeting 1979) recommended that, without waiting for the passage of the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA), the Department of the Air Force initiate and the Department of Defense submit proposed legislation changing any portions of Title 10 U. S. Code which provided for the differentiation of treatment between men and women of the Air Force. The Air Force responded that it has "No objection to such legislation". The 96th Congress has closed its first session without having enacted DOPMA. DACOWITS further urges the Department of Defense to submit this proposed legislation to Congress before the end of this session.

5. Human Goals
DACOWITS recommends that each Service reemphasize its Human Goals statement to ensure that men and women are permitted and required to exercise all professional and leadership responsibilities of their specialty, pay grade and assigned duties (e. g. C. Q. guard and watch standing).

6. Equal Treatment of Men and Women
DACOWITS continues to support the Department of Defense and Department of Transportation positionthat women and men shall be treated in the same way, whatever legislative or policy decisions are madeconcerning registration, the draft or national service. DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense and Department of Transportation advise theWhite House, the Congresswomen's Caucus, and the heads of women's organizations of the DACOWITS position.

7. Admission Standards for Military Service
DACOWITS recommends that the Secretary of Defense require each Service to set equal standards for the enlistment of women and men. DACOWITS finds the "rational" asserted by the Navy and Marines for setting disparate admission standards unacceptable. Having the same standards for admission for both sexes does not prohibit selection of the best qualified men and women.

8. Women Judges for Court of Military Appeals
That the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Transportation recommend that the President of the United States give priority to the consideration of the appointment of women as judges of the United States Court of Military Appeals (U.S.C.M.A.).

9. Housing Construction
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense reexamine the current criteria for housing construction of BOQ and BEQ.

Chair: Ms. Sally K. Richardson