DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Fall Conference 1980


1. Sexual Harassment
DACOWITS urges the quickest possible publication of the DoD and DoT policy statements which:

a. Define and prohibit sexual harassment;

b. Establish training programs and procedures for reporting violations;

c. Provide for disciplinary measures for violations of that policy. DACOWITS recognizes that as a result of the DoD directives, the Army,Air Force, Marines, and Navy will publish corresponding policies andprocedures for implementation. DACOWITS also understands that the CoastGuard will publish similar policies and procedures.

2. Women's Combat Boots
DACOWITS recommends that an adequate supply of men's combat boots in thesizes most frequently required by women soldiers be made available toArmy installations. It further recommends that information concerningtheir availability be widely disseminated, particularly to the womensoldiers who need them.

3. Enlisted Personnel Representation to DACOWITS
DACOWITS recommends that each Service send at least one enlisted person to participate in its SPRING 1981 meeting.

4. DACOWITS Representative from the Department of Transportation
DACOWITS recommends that the Secretary of Transportation consider theappointment of a representative from the Department of Transportation toDACOWITS.

5. Navy Billet Assignment
DACOWITS recommends that the U. S. Navy establish an equitable policyfor initial specialty assignments for both males and females graduatingfrom the U. S. Naval Academy.

6. Service Academy Attitudinal Studies
DACOWITS recommends that the Service Academies continue to conductattitudinal studies of male/female cadets/midshipmen. It furtherrecommends that the dissemination of the results of these studies shouldinclude academy cadets/midshipmen, faculty, staff, and DACOWITS.

7. Admission Standards to Military Service
DACOWITS submits that the response to the SPRING Meeting'srecommendation on admission standards to military service isunacceptable. The recommendation is resubmitted, as follows:

DACOWITS recommends that the Secretary of Defense require each Serviceto set equal standards for the enlistment of women and men. DACOWITSfinds the "rationale" asserted by the Navy and Marines for settingdisparate admission standards unacceptable. Having the same standardsfor admission for both sexes does not prohibit selection of the bestqualified men and women.

8. Women Judges for Court of Military Appeals
DACOWITS recommends that the Secretaries of Defense and Transportationrecommend that the President of the United States give priority to theconsideration of the appointment of women as judges to the United StatesCourt of Military Appeals. It further recommends that the OSD activelysearch for and solicit applications from women for appointment as judgesof the United States Court of Military Appeals, in order to increasethe possibility of appointment of women to the Court of MilitaryAppeals.

Chair: Ms. Sally K. Richardson