DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1978


1. Assignments and numbers of Women to Staff and Faculty of Service Academy
DACOWITS recommends that they be provided a report concerning the assignment and numbers of women to the Staff and Faculty of each Service Academy. That the report reflect grades and assignments of individual female incumbents in relation to those of their male counterparts, as well as actions being taken to increase female representation on the staff and faculty of the academies.

2. Deferring Grade Authorization for the Chief, Army Medical Specialist Corps
DACOWITS recommends that the Army further review the issue of deferring grade authorizations for the Chief, Veterinary Corps (an authorized brigadier general position) and the Chief, Army Medical Specialist Corps (an authorized colonel position) with a view toward equalizing the grades for these two positions at the general officer level.

3. Assignments
DACOWITS recommends that OSD and the Military departments concerned pursue immediate repeal of sections 6015 and 8549, 10 U. S. C.

4. Position of Executive Secretary
DACOWITS recommends that full time manpower authorizations be established for the position of Executive Secretary, manned with a military officer grade 0-5 or 0-6 and supporting staff.

5. Request Attendance
DACOWITS recommends senior military women representatives from Specialists Corps, the National Guard Bureau and Reserve Forces be invited to attend the Semi-annual meetings to act as resource personnel.

6. Change to Uniform Code of Military Justice
DACOWITS recommends that the provisions of the UCMJ be changed to conform to the same protective measures which have been included in proposed new public laws such as The Holzman Amendment and which have been enacted in several states.

7. Enlisted Entitlements
DACOWITS recommends that OSD and the Services continue to pursue extension of dependency entitlements to junior service women and men assigned overseas.

8. Entitlements for Service Members
DACOWITS recommends that DoD reconsider, as a exception to current standards, separate standards for entitlements for BAQ without dependents for all enlisted personnel assigned as tactical instructors to basic training units because DACOWITS feels that the duties and responsibilities of these non-commissioned officers in shaping our future all volunteer force is of such a unique and important nature as to warrant special consideration in entitlement to BAQ.

9. BOQ and BEQ
DACOWITS recommends that BOQ and BEQ quarters be maintained and furnished as properly as family housing at the same base when personnel are required to live on post. When household goods have been acquired due to non-availability of government housing at a previous duty station, personnel should not be required to live on post.

Chair: Ms. Piilani C. Desha