DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Fall Conference 1978


1. Women Staff for the Air Force Academy
DACOWITS commends the U. S. Air Force on its efforts to identify and/or develop qualified women staff for the Air Force Academy (Section l(a) of the program described in response to Recommendation #1, SPRING Conference 1978) and recommend that other appropriate service departments look at that management program with a view to establishing a similar effort.

2. Repeal of Section 6015 and 8549
DACOWITS commends the Department of Defense for its position and action in working for the repeal of Section 6015 and 8549, Title 10, U. S. C., and reaffirms its continuing support of these efforts.

3. Physical Fitness in the Army
DACOWITS commends the U. S. Army for its efforts in developing physical fitness standards by skills and specialization's and its inter service cooperation. DACOWITS recommends that the other services departments evaluate the applicability of the Army fitness standards to their own requirements.

4. ASVAB Scores for the Marine Corps and Army
DACOWITS ask the U. S. Army and the U. S. Marine Corps for the Rationale behind their differentiation in ASVAB scores required of men and women as follows:

Army Women Men
Officers 115 110
Enlisted 50 16
Marine Corps Women Men
Enlisted 50 21

DACOWITS queries if these service departments propose to continue this practice.

5. Limited Duty Officers in the Marine Corps and Navy
DACOWITS recommends that the U. S. Navy and The U. S. Marine Corps open their Limited Duty Officer commissioning program to women.

6. Special Inter service Committee
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense and the Department of Transportation establish a special inter service committee to evaluate adequacy and make Recommendations to correct the identified deficiencies in the following areas:

a. Field/Organizational Clothing

b. Maintenance allowance for Clothing

c. Special equipment which is indigenous to the unit mission.

7. Legislation to Amend Title 37, Section 202B, U. S. C.
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense submit proposed legislation to amend Title 37, Section 202K, U. S. C., to remove the restriction on women officers serving in flag positions.

8. General Officers authorization for the Army Medical Specialist Corps (AMSC)
DACOWITS expresses its continuing concern to OSD and the Army regarding the lack of a General officer authorization for the Army Medical Specialist Corps (AMSC). The AMSC, composed of three professional specialties, is the only one of six Corps of the Army Medical Department denied General Officer leadership. It is strongly recommended that a reevaluation of the distribution of Medical Department General officers be accomplished and due consideration be given to authorizing a general officer slot for the Army Medical Specialist Corps.

9. Entitlements
DACOWITS recommends that entitlements to single officers and enlisted personnel be changed to provide entitlements equal to those provided married personnel.

10. Medical Procedures in Military Hospitals
DACOWITS recommends that DoD's General Counsel make a priority inquiry into the propriety of the Congress of the United States prohibiting any specific or particular medical procedures in military hospitals.

Chair: Ms. Piilani C. Desha