DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Spring Conference 1975


1. Film "Pride in Belonging"
DACOWITS finds the film "Pride in Belonging" (AFIF 252) a straight forward creditable film encompassing the diversity of opportunities for women in the services. In this International Women's Year the President has proclaimed July as "Women on Government Month" and DACOWITS recommends immediate release and use of the film and that particular emphasis be placed on use of the film in July. the following is suggested for maximum effective use:

a. That the offer of the film for television be considered in a variety of forms, namely:

1. A 28 1/2 minute version be made for television.

2. A 10/15 minute edited version for use with local input, for instance, a 15-20 minute interview with local women in the military.

b. That the film be made available, with maximum press release information, for use by DACOWITS members.

c. That constant surveillance be made to ensure the information contained therein is always current.

d. If and when the film is to be updated, that consideration be given to removing that section on White House social aide because it could be misleading. This would also aid in securing a film 28 1/2 minutes in length.

1. The section is misleading because there have been so few persons, particularly women, in this position.

2. It is not depicted as only a part-time job, which it is.

3. The featuring of this position would perhaps be viewed adversely by Congress in terms of budget restraints.

e. That all facets of the services, including active duty, Guard and Reserve, make maximum use of the film.

2. Greater Public Education Exposure
DACOWITS recommends that, in recognition of International Women's Year, the Department of Defense encourage the military service to attain greater public education exposure for its increased number of military women assigned to executive positions. Group photographs, individual photographs and biographical sketches should be furnished local, national and international print and electronic media. This type of exposure will enhance the credibility of women in military service. In addition, every effort should be made to encourage public appearances of such women wherever they are stationed or travel.

3. DACOWITS 25th Anniversary
DACOWITS recommends that, in support of the Bicentennial and DACOWITS 25th anniversary, an anthology on DACOWITS be developed for presentation to the Secretary of Defense. Further, that the Secretary of Defense publicly recognize this committee in a brief ceremony for public exposure.

4. DACOWITS Visitation of Academies
DACOWITS recommends that the members of the DACOWITS Executive Committee be permitted to visitone of the service academies in connection with its next scheduled meeting. The purpose of the visit is togain a better understanding of the training process. A visitation report would be made to the full committee and information as it related to each subcommittee would be fed through each subcommittee Chairman for evaluation and utilization

DACOWITS recommends that all services develop a pilot program involving future potential volunteers, e.g., primary grade students, high school students, ROTC students and other interested students and persons in the public, in a more realistic and detailed experience with various units of the Department of Defense, making use of available facilities, to acquaint these potentials and others within the immediate locale.

6. Official History of Military Women
DACOWITS recommends that, in the event an official history of military women does not exist in each branch of service, the Department of Defense urge each branch to initiate the preparation of such a history, chronologically and pictorially, on active and retired personnel.

7. Define "Combat Duty" and "Combat Assignment"
DACOWITS recommends that careful analysis and definition of what is meant by "Combat Duty" and "Combat Assignment" be undertaken by the Department of Defense in order to clarify many questions which arise within the services relating to the same, to set forth a more uniform policy for the branches of the services with respect to both enlisted and officers status, as well as the mission and function of the service academies.

8. Admission to the Service Academies
DACOWITS recommends that admission to the service academies be open to all qualified candidates toprepare military leaders for service in peace and war. That the Department of Defense accept theinevitable, alter its present position, take a positive position favoring admission of women to the serviceacademies and implement it forthwith.

9. Amendment of Title 10, U. S. C. Sec. 6015
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense initiate an amendment of Title 10, U. S. C. Sec. 6015 to remove the total prohibition against assignment of women to vessels other then hospital or transport vessels thereby allowing assignment of persons (male and female) to vessels and aircraft in accordance with individual qualifications of the person to be assigned and the particular mission to be performed.

10. Executive Positions for Women
DACOWITS recommends that the Army and the Air Force be more specific in identifying the executive positions held by women and the opportunities available to them and that they set forth in detail the eligibility qualifications required for these positions.

11. Passage of DOPMA
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense vigorously pursue passage of DOPMA by Congress during the calendar year 1975; if DOPMA is not enacted by Congress, that provision be made for separate legislation to be introduced in 1975 to equalize opportunities for women in the armed services to be promoted to flag/general officer rank, to provide an opportunity for members of the Army Nurse Corps to exercise command within the Army medical Department, and to improve the opportunity of nurses and medical specialists for appointment and promotion in the regular Army and regular Air Force and authorize their retention beyond the mandatory retirement age.

12. NATO
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense inform NATO that a conference of the key women in the military services from the NATO countries is desired and that the Department of Defense initiate the opportunity for comment on the same from the command of NATO.

13. Defense Manpower Commission
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense advise DACOWITS when and where hearings are to be held by the Defense Manpower Commission and that said Commission be requested to seek information from and the participation of, members of DACOWITS.

14. Upgrade the JROTC Program
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense upgrade the JROTC program on its list of priorities; that it reassess both the Congressional climate and available funds to expand the program; that legislation be prepared and introduced immediately to increase the number of units and to remove geographic restrictions on the establishment of units by each military department.

15. Allowances
DACOWITS recommends that the committee on Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation favorably consider a cost of living allowance to compensate those assigned to a high cost of living area within the United States.

16. Collegiate Educational Programs
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense make every effort to have the Collegiate Educational Programs for enlisted personnel reinstated in the budget.

Chair: Ms. Nita D. Veneman