DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Fall Conference 1974


1. Retired Military Women
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense encourage the Service Secretaries to utilize the experience of retired military women on advisory boards and committees. These women who have held leadership positions in the military services represent a valuable untapped resource of experience and expertise equal to that of male counterparts now serving on boards.

2. Parents to Aid in Recruitment
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense encourage the Services to expand their positive action programs utilizing both satisfied military personnel and satisfied parents to aid in recruitment and in public relations.

3. DACOWITS Members to Advisory Boards and Committees
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense encourage the Services Secretaries to appoint former DACOWITS members whenever available to advisory boards and committees. DACOWITS members not only have the expertise achieved as leaders in varied fields of professional and public service, but they also have had experience in dealing with matters relating to the military.

4. Women Physicians
DACOWITS recommends in view of the limited number of women physicians and dentists in the Service, that increased efforts be made to inform women in schools and private practice of the opportunities available in military medicine.

5. Executive and Executive Assistant Positions
DACOWITS recommends that each of the military services identify executive and executive assistant positions at major headquarters and secretariats and assign military women to these positions.

6. In service Training and Education
DACOWITS recommends and recognizes the critical importance of offering in service training and education both in procuring and retaining personnel in a successful all-volunteer military force. To this end, we recommend that DoD re-evaluate its budget priorities and consider restoring funds previously earmarked for education but deleted from the budget.

7. Mission and Educational Function of the Service Academies
DACOWITS recommends that the DoD initiate a reassessment of total mission and educational function of the service academies.

8. Admission to the Service Academies
DACOWITS recommends that admission to the service academies be open to all qualified candidates to prepare military leaders for service in peace and war. That the Department of Defense take a positive position favoring admission of women to the service academies. To implement this position, it is further recommended that DoD take the following actions immediately:

a. Recommend to the Congress that women be admitted to the service academies.

b. If legislation is necessary to admit women to the service academies, forward to Congress such a legislative proposal as part of the legislative program for the 94th Congress.

c. If legislation is not necessary, take action to admit women to all service academies in time for women to be considered, selected, and admitted to the classes which begin the summer of 1975.

9. Amend Title 10, U. S. C.
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense submit a separate legislative proposal to amend Title 10, U. S. C. to equalize opportunities for women in the armed services to be promoted to flag and general officer rank regardless of available billets.

10. Army Nurse Corps
DACOWITS recommends that separate legislation, as well as inclusion in any omnibus bill, be prepared by DoD for introduction expeditiously in the 94th Congress to provide an opportunity for members of the Army Nurse Corps and Army Medical Specialists Corps to exercise command within the Army Medical Department.

11. Amend Title 10, U. S. C.
DACOWITS recommends that separate legislation by DoD to amend Title 10, U. S. C. to improve the opportunity of nurses and medical specialists for appointment and promotion in the Regular Army and Regular Air Force and authorize their retention beyond the mandatory retirement age.

12. White House Fellows Program
DACOWITS recommends that DoD actively encourage the application of women in the services to the White House Fellows Program.

13. JROTC Programs
DACOWITS recommends that the JROTC program be expanded to meet the current demand in the public schools. This recommendation is consistent with the interpretive mission of DACOWITS that we create public acceptance of military service for women either as a career opportunity or as a citizenship responsibility.

14. DD Form 1657 (Bachelor) and DD Form 1376 (Family) for Housing
DACOWITS recommends that DD Form 1657 (Bachelor) and DD Form 1376 (Family) for housing requirements be reviewed with a view toward simplification of directions and terminology to assure more accurate input from military personnel.

15. Adequate Housing
DACOWITS recommends that continuous research on utilization of new types of construction be carried out by DoD (i. e. use of the mobile home concept, pre-manufactured housing techniques) with a view toward providing adequate housing and insuring increased economy and flexibility in all housing provided on military installations.

16. Commissaries
DACOWITS recommends that DoD make every attempt to have commissaries stock small as well as family-size items to meet the needs of all members of the military. This is also important to reduce waste.

17. Adequate Housing
DACOWITS recommends and understands the concern officers and senior enlisted personnel for the living environment of those in their command. However, we have noted that this concern is rarely communicated to the affected personnel. We commend the Marine Corps for its film, "More Than Shelter", communicating its problems and plans associated with housing and recommend that other services prepare and distribute similar visual aids. We further recommend increased communication on all levels regarding the concern of DoD for the living environment of all military personnel.

18. Women from the NATO/SHAPE Countries
DACOWITS recommends that DoD initiate steps to encourage NATO/SHAPE to hold a conference of the Key women in the military services form the NATO/SHAPE countries, possibly in conjunction with another scheduled NATO/SHAPE conference in either 1975 or 1976.

Chair: Ms. Wilma C. Rogalin