DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Fall Conference 1973


1. Counseling and Education
DACOWITS recommends that the military departments reassess their individual counseling programs for women in the service; that career planning and counseling, both in-service and post-service, be initiated for each person at the time of recruitment and continue throughout her tour of duty; that sufficient counseling staff be provided to meet the needs of the anticipated increase of women in the military, and that DACOWITS be provided with the individual services action plan for implementation of counseling programs for military women.

2. VFW Membership
DACOWITS recommends and respectfully calls to the attention of the Department of Defense the overwhelming rejection by the VFW at their 74th national convention of a proposal to allow women to join their organization and further, the case of Jessie Stearns Versus VFW, Case No. 73-1197, U. S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia The VFW has, by its actions, been implicit in its negation of women's roles as veterans and members of the military. DACOWITS recommends that DoD make public strong objections to the VFW position and discontinue support of the VFW Auxiliary's "Unsung Heroine" Award.

3. Junior ROTC Program
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense strongly support HR 8187 which requires changes in the JROTC program whereby both male and female enrollment will count toward the minimum number of 100 students required to establish a unit.

4. Promotion to Flag/general Officer Rank
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense prepare a separate legislative proposal to amend title 10, U. S. C to equalize opportunities for women to be promoted to flag and general officer rank regardless of available billets.

5. Exercise of Command
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense prepare a legislative proposal to amend section 3579, title 10, U. S. Code to provide the opportunity for officer of the Army Nurse Corps and the Army Medical Specialist Corps to exercise command within the Army Medical Department. Further, that similar statutory provisions relative to other military medical departments be reviewed for the purpose of similar modifications.

6. Military Quarters
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense maximize efforts to retain qualified military personnel beyond the initial commitment. These people contribute the experience and dedication to the objectives of the service and are the backbone of the All-Volunteer Force.

In recognition of the importance of the appreciable percentage of bachelor career personnel, continuing efforts should be placed on upgrading opportunities for bachelors to enjoy living conditions commensurate with the living conditions available to civilians of comparable status. In this context it should be noted that civilian institutions which have a housing responsibility are rapidly re-evaluating and upgrading their housing standards. Living conditions can be improved by two methods:

a. Authorize additional grades of enlisted personnel and all officers the option of living off base and providing Basic Allowance for Quarters which will enable personnel to afford suitable quarters, when military necessity does not require living on base and where community conditions are favorable.

b. Construct quarters comparable in features and amenities to facilities which civilians of similar status would occupy.

In consideration of the rapidly increasing costs of construction, increasing problems in maintenance, and changing life styles and tastes, DoD is urged to re-evaluate its basic concepts with respect to housing bachelor permanent party personnel. This re-evaluation should include at a minimum:

a. Updating bachelor housing adequacy standards in line with comparable current civilian housing expectations.

b. Realistic analysis of construction and maintenance cost projections as compared with the cost of retention of quality military personnel.

DACOWITS recommends that the following changes be made:

a. Equalize BAQ authorizations by grade, regardless of dependency status.

b. Broaden authorization for optional residency to begin at grade E-4 and above where it does not interfere with military mission and where suitable off-base housing is available.

c. Establish DoD objectives to provide, as a minimum, each permanent party officer who lives on base with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bath; each E4 through E-9, private room and bath; each E-2 and E-3, private room with shared bath. Construction criteria should be upgraded to implement these objectives.

7. Housing Study Groups
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense include men and women bachelor personnel on all future housing planning study groups.

DACOWITS commends the Department of Defense for its recent and current efforts to improve the total military living environment and urges continuing and increased sensitivity to the social changes which affect the quality of life.

Chair: Ms. Fran Harris