DACOWITS History of Recommendations - Fall Conference 1968


1. Military Women
DACOWITS recommends Organizations be encouraged to honor our military women who are returning form overseas service by a special observance as an expression of community appreciation.

2. Women Recruiters
DACOWITS recommends and re-emphasize our suggestion of last April's meeting that DACOWITS members invite women recruiters and other women members of all four Services to organization meetings of all types.

3. Color Guards
DACOWITS recommends that DACOWITS members contact Presidents of State, District, and local organizations and suggest the use of color guards composed of women in the Military Services at their conventions and request permission to set up exhibits representing the women in the Military Services with representative military personnel. When more practicable, use a color guard composed of both men and women.

3a. DACOWITS members, acting as individuals rather than DACOWITS members, suggest to National organizations to which they belong, that the organization request the Department of Defense to arrange for military women to serve as color guards for National sessions.

4. Recruiting Literature
DACOWITS recommends that DACOWITS members contact the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, or appropriate education officials, in the State and request permission to place attractive officer recruiting literature in State Colleges and State Universities library shelves and library display boards. Material to be obtained through DACOWITS Secretariat Contact local/county boards of education (or appropriate counterpart) and request permission.

5. Career Day Ceremonies
DACOWITS recommends that DACOWITS members help recruiters and other women representatives of Armed Forces to appear at Career Day ceremonies at high schools and at special program days at colleges, using officer recruiting personnel at college level, and enlisted recruiting personnel at high school level. Emphasize this attractive material be available for distribution.

6. Director of Girls State
DACOWITS recommends that DACOWITS members contact the Director of each Girls State to arrange an introduction of representative Women in the Services to these outstanding high school seniors.

7. Military Services to sessions of the House and Senate in respective States
DACOWITS recommends that DACOWITS members introduce representative women in the Military Services to sessions of the House and Senate in their States. Also, recommend that they be introduced in other arenas of distinction such as symphonies, concerts, State Fairs, horse shows, etc ....

8. Newsworthy items concerning Women
DACOWITS recommends that DACOWITS members, as individuals, contact Congressmen or Senators requesting insertion in the Congressional Record of newsworthy items, excerpts of speeches, etc, ... concerning women in the Military Services.

9. Inadequate Quarters
DACOWITS recommends the Department of Defense re-define the standards of adequacy for occupancy by married women personnel, since it is considered that bachelor quarters are inadequate for establishing a joint domicile for a married couple.

10. Off-Base Living
DACOWITS recommends that personnel of the rate of E-5 and above be given the option to live off-base and receive BAQ when this would not conflict with the military mission even though quarters are adequate and available.

11. Recruiter Training Programs
DACOWITS recommends a briefing on DACOWITS be included in all recruiter training programs to better indoctrinate recruiters before they are assigned in the field.

12. Appointment and Promotion
DACOWITS recommends the policy of establishing a system of appointment and promotion credit list allowances for advanced graduate degrees, professional education beyond the professional training requirement, or beyond the four-year college program, as well as any related experience in determining the rank and promotion dates (Professional Education Date) of directly commissioned officers in any of the Medical or Health components of the Services. It is further recommended that all Services seek to develop and adopt this policy as a valuable adjunct to recruitment and retention of qualified health professionals.

13. Publicity
DACOWITS recommends more publicity be given to the various "summer practice" programs already in existence and to others as they may develop. (Example of programs will be reproduced by the DACOWITS Secretariat).

14. DACOWITS Facilitate Programs and Activities
DACOWITS recommends that since college and university deans, student advisors, and counselors are in a position for more continuous and sustained contact with students and their individual needs, it is recommended that DACOWITS facilitate programs and activities which will bring the Service recruiters in direct contact with this level of college and university personnel. This is especially needed for dissemination of information relative to professional opportunities in the Service.

15. Educational Offerings
DACOWITS recommends to be briefed at a regular meeting on educational offerings available to women currently in the Service. It is further recommended that this briefing be considered on a three year basis.

16. Joint Service Exhibit
DACOWITS recommends to DACOWITS members to develop a joint Service exhibit that presents the opportunities available to women in all branches of the Services. Such an exhibit would be designed in a way to be packed and shipped upon request. (Reference is made to the Marine Corps Exhibit used at the Women's Pavilion, Hemis Fair '68, San Antonio, Texas).

17. Educational Television
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense continue to investigate the preparation of materials for ETV (Educational Television) for the purpose of disseminating information regarding opportunities for Women in the Services.

18. Griffiths-Tower Bill
DACOWITS recommends that the Department of Defense support the Griffiths-Tower Bill or similar legislation to provide equality of treatment for married women members of the uniformed Services.

19. Section 8288 (a) and (b) of title 19 U. S. C. (Air Force Nurses and Medical Specialist)
DACOWITS recommends where legislation provides for appointment of commissioned officers in the Regular Service and restricts appointment with regard to certain components that all such exceptions be repealed; for example, (Section 8288 (a) and (b) of Tide 10 U. S. C. which relates to Air Force Nurses and Medical Specialists).

20. Married Military Women
DACOWITS recommends Legislation be established to the effect that a married military woman, regardless of grade, can establish a joint domicile with her husband and shall receive BAQ in her own right. In the event the husband is also a member of the Military Services, he shall also receive BAQ in his own right.

21. Pregnancy
DACOWITS recommends action be initiated to authorize a regular officer separated involuntarily for pregnancy be entitled to readjustment pay, just as a reserve officer is entitled to severance pay.

22. Living Space
DACOWITS recommends in the review of the matter of minimum net living area, DACOWITS found 72 sq. ft. for grades E-6 and below to be inadequate. Therefore, it is recommended that this net minimum area be substantially increased.

23. Bachelor Living Quarters
DACOWITS recommends that Bachelor living quarters configuration allocation for permanent party grades E-6 and below be based on no more than two occupants to a room.

24. Bachelor Living Quarters
DACOWITS recommends Bachelor living quarters accepted for Beneficial Occupancy on or after1 January 1958 be re-rated to conform to revised standards. For example, two occupants to a roomand net minimum area changes at DACOWITS recommended above.

25. Pertinent Information
DACOWITS recommends to be briefed on all legislative Bills pertaining to Recommendations made by DACOWITS, and any other matters the Secretariat considers pertinent. Material on these bills shall be mailed to members in advance of the meeting.

26. Military Women
DACOWITS recommends Civilian husbands of military women be authorized access to and use of exchange and commissary facilities.

27. Spouse of the Women in the Service
DACOWITS recommends the Defense Department study the definition of "spouse of the Women in the Service" and dependents of "Women in the Service" in all their ramifications.

28. General and Flag Officer Billets
DACOWITS recommends any legislative proposal which may be introduced to authorize general and flag officers billets for the Medical Components be reviewed to ensure that all Medical and Health professions are treated equally.

29. Public Law 90-130
DACOWITS recommends all the Service Components use the provisions of Public Law 90-130 for current implementation, particularly as related to flag and general officers rank.

Chair: Dr. Geraldine P. Woods